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100 things

Do the thing and then you will have the power!

"Looking back at my life, can I honestly say that I was living a life that I was happy with, or would I change everyting? And instantly, with consideration, I realised I would change everything," Sebastian Terry.

I was touched by this statement and I decided that the 100 things movement was something I had to join. Every one of us will never know how much time we have here on earth. We could be here for 90 years, or we could be here for 25 years. From this moment of realisation, I decided to live each day like it was my last and I created a list of 100 things I wanted to accomplish. This is not a bucket list. This is a list where I gave myself permission to do great things. A choice made to do things that are challenging, comforting and scary. A mix of things I need to do because I would love to do it. Why not make life an adventure?

I hope this list encourages you to write down your own goals and give yourself permission to do great things. 

1) Publish a Book

2) Break a Guiness World Record

3) 5 Ball Juggling

4) Grow a huge beard

5) Skydive 10 000ft

6) Learn Salsa

7) Visit the 7 Wonders of the World

8) Fly in a private Jet

9) Speak to a 1000 person audience

10) Bowl more than 200 points in a Ten Pin Game

11) Throw a dart at a map and visit the country it lands on

12) Stay awake for 72 hours

13) Say yes to everything for a week

14) Hiking in Parque Nacional Iguazú and Iguazú Falls

15) Give $50 to a random person every day for a week

16) Purchase a Quality Japanese Sports Car

17) Purchase a $20k Art Masterpiece

18) Drive a Tank

19) Help a stranger

20) Visit > 100 Countries (14 visited)

21) Fly in a hot air balloon 

22) Kiss in the rain

23) Backpack accross at least 10 locations

24) Climb a mountain

25) Fly first class

26) Dive with sharks in South Africa

27) Float in the dead sea

28) Memorise the poem, If - by Rudyard Kipling and pass it on

29) Paraglide of Ba Ba Dag Mountain

30) Celebrate your 50th Wedding Anniversary

31) Cuddle a baby Tiger

32) Go Zorbing

33) 5 day hike with your best mate

34) Learn and Memorise 100 Scriptures and Quotes

35) Stay one week in Sun City South Africa

36) Race a Ferrari or Lamborghini in Europe

37) South America road trip

38) Bungee Jump

39) Complete a DNA Test

40) Be silent for a week

41) Be a Superhero for a day

42) Do something weird in Japan

43) Complete the ultimate prank

44) Ride an Elephant

45) Run a Marathon

46) New Year in New York Times Square

47) Buy a car and give it away

48) One night accomodation in an Ice Hotel

49) Stargaze under Aurora Borealis

50) Travel with a friend and pay for the trip

51) Peaceful Serenity at Halong Bay

52) Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon

53) Liveaboard Scuba Diving Experience

54) Rock Climbing at Railay Beach

55) Shop at a floating market

56) Flyboard like Iron Man

57) Complete a Wife Carrying Competition

58) Trekking in Nepal

59) Visit Shanay Timpishka, the boiling river in the Amazon

60) Scenic cruising in Fiordland National Park

61) Own >10 investment properties

62) Buy everyone in a bar a drink

63) Learn three languages

64) Drive on Gotthard Pass

65) Helicopter flight over Victoria Falls

66) Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu

67) Buy a random stranger lunch twice a month for a year

68) Throw a snowball at someone

69) Ride an Ostrich

70) See Stonehenge

71) Spend a week in a Meditation Retreat

72) Eat something that is still alive

73) Experience zero gravity

74) Swim in Jellyfish Lake in Palau

75) Play Golf underwater

76) Fly in a Fighter Jet

77) Go somewhere you never thought you would explore

78) Hiking the Avatar Mountaints (Tianzi Mountains)

79) Zipline on the longest Zip Wire in the world

80) Visit the North Pole

81) Drive the Great Ocean Road and Visit the 12 Apostles

82) Picnic in a Fairy Circle on Namibia desert

83) Ride a Camel in Egypt

84) Wildlife Safari on a horse

85) Organise a huge suprise for a friend

86) Go Tubing in Laos

87) Feel the rhythm at La Bomba De Tiempo in Buenos Aires

88) Cross the water to Zanzibar

89) Pay for accommodation for 10+ friends for a weekend

90) Join a Protest

91) Pay a family's bill at a restaurant twice a month for a year 

92) Explore Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

93) Watch a performance in the Sydney Opera House

94) Sleep in an Igloo

95) Peer into “The Door to Hell” in Derweze, Turkmenistan.

96) See the statue of our Lord in Rio De Janerio

97) Help someone cross something off Their 100 Things List

98) Wrap a snake around your neck

99) Paint the town red at La Tomatina in Spain

100) Romantic Getaway in an Overwater Bungalow in Maldives

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